Isaac Zale Drops New Album Father of The Zodiac

ncouver Canada’s prodigal son Isaac Zale has returned with another sonic effort. After 2 successful single releases including his hit “Somebody Dies,” he returns with his full project. Titled “Father of the Zodiac” he dives head first into everything that is the world around him.

Chris Gotti | Mogul Now Indie Artist Revolutionary

careers of several industry heavy-hitters. He has been the catapult for success for Ashanti, his brother Irv Gotti, and several others. As Co-Founder and current Vice President of Murder Inc. records, Chris Gotti has disrupted both the music and technology spaces. Gotti is a seasoned industry veteran with the ability to change the lives of artists.

Duke Deuce Lets Off New Single ‘WTF’

Presenting an aggressively dynamic flow… Deuce’s style defies the current space of mainstream Hip-Hop. The rapper’s influences of Three6Mafia, 8Ball, and MGJ are prevalent through out his discography. Growing up in Memphis he embodied crunk culture, and modeled after his father Duke Nitty who produced the Memphis classic “S.O.U.T.H Parkway” by Gangsta Blac.