Chris Gotti | Mogul Now Indie Artist Revolutionary

Chris Gotti | Mogul Now Indie Artist Revolutionary

Industry mogul Chris “Gotti” Lorenzo has influenced the careers of several industry heavy-hitters. He has been the catapult for success for Ashanti, his brother Irv Gotti, and several others. As Co-Founder and current Vice President of Murder Inc. records, Chris Gotti has disrupted both the music and technology spaces. Gotti is a seasoned industry veteran with the ability to change the lives of artists.

Chris Gotti on the red carpet for Add Ventures Event
Photo: Brent N. Clarke

Now the industry guru is sharing a gold mine of information with Independent artists! Add Ventures Music is a digital distribution company shaking the entrepreneurship space. The company has made it a mission to educate artists on owning their masters and intellectual property. Nonetheless, empowerment is at the front of this new innovation. With his mission, he his handing artists the tools to a successful music career.

Our major point of differentiation is we TEACH independent artists how to “OWN” their music, likeness, and intellectual property IN PERPETUITY.

Chris Gotti- Add Ventures Music


Chris Gotti began taking over the digital space in 2002. His consultations with the founder of WebMD Jeff Arnold, lead to him gaining valuable insight. This insight would lead to the creation of Gotti’s tech-based company.

So What Does Add Ventures Music Offer?

Since AVM is a digital distribution company… Distribution to streaming platforms is the first service included in the one-time membership fee. But Add Ventures Music offers so much more! Digital marketing, radio opportunities, and engineering are also at the hands of members. And in addition to providing the keys to monetization, he gives artists exclusive access to industry players such as himself.

For the past few months, Gotti has been on tour, being an example for the practices that he teaches. Above all, he is taking over cities like Birmingham and Memphis, giving artists a first-hand look at the type of help they will receive with AVM.

Watch him talk about the start of Add Ventures Music and more now!

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