The London Hill Interview

London Hill is one of the top emerging artist out of New York City. The Bronx native had a unique upbringing which lead her to rap. In just a few years London has gotten her name to buzz in the New York City music scene and has become one of the top emerging artists in all of NYC. She spoke with Tean Becoate about NYC hip-hop, where she ranks herself, new music + more.

Maryland Artist Eternal Khali is Evolving With New Project “Uni Vs” Dropping July 9th.

The 20-year-old rapper sat outside on the back porch of his house in Silver Spring, MD. He spins the silver ring on his right pinky finger. Burntstar Khali, born Khali Williams, often fiddles with it while he thinks of melodies. Khali is counting down the days until the release of his EP, “Uni Vs” (pronounced “you and I verse”) which drops on July 9. It’ll be his first release after changing his name to Eternal Khali.