Nija New Visual for Hit Single “On Call” Out Now !

Nija New Visual for Hit Single “On Call” Out Now !

New Jersey born songtress Nija spent 2021 introducing fans to her sensational sound. Now, the Grammy nominated songwriter is stepping into a spotlight of her own. And it is coming in the form of heart-stopping R&B hits. Her recently hailed single titled “On Call” is everything that’s needed for those tipsy nights.

I only hit you when I’m drunk. Baby, when I’m off that Patron, don’t wanna be alone, so I pick up my phone

– Nija

Tapping Ambezza and Larkin Noir for production… Nija laid mellowing vocals over a crisp acoustic guitar accented by a heavy base and angelic harmonics.

“I guess that’s why I keep you on call. Every time I’m sippin’ alcohol. ‘Cause I know you gon’ do what I want, don’t mean to lead you on but I gotta keep you on call. Every time I’m sippin’ alcohol

– Nija

This sultry single chases the tails of her earlier releases titled “Fineese” and “Ease My Mind (Come Over)… All of which spoke wonders of the magic that she has coming.

R&B artist and Grammy nominated songtress Nija
Photo: Brian Ziff

Nija has just begun releasing singles of her own; however, she is no rookie when it comes to the music industry. As a songwriter she has been the writer and co-writer for some of the the industry’s biggest names. I know you have heard “Ring” by Cardi B and Kehlani, “Positions” by Arianna Grande, and “Rain On Me” by Lady Gaga… Well, Nija was the pen those hits and many more!

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