ToBy Talks New Album, Haitian Culture and More!

Emerging rapper ToBy is gaining popularity with music made for the mind, body, and spirit. The Los Angeles based star has a talent for creating music with no boundaries. Opening up about raw topics like depression, he aims to leave a lasting impression on listeners everywhere. His newest album titledL’espirit is a riveting narrative birthed from a multifaceted space. Walking listeners through a variety of emotions… ‘L’espirit’ is a work of art, and an ode to his late grandmother who supported his journey. And before he gets too busy, I caught up with him to talk about growing up in Miami, the new album, and more!

ToBy posed for new album L'espirit

Who is ToBy?

ToBy is the manifestation of my musical creativity. It’s the thoughts and emotions I carry with me day to day transformed into songs and reflections of the world around me. I think of my tracks as letters to my listeners so in address “To: you/By: me”.

To-By : ToBy

What was it like growing up in Miami and becoming an artist?
Miami was a tough city to be the type of artist I was going for. The scene was not as supportive and had very few opportunities for upcoming musicians. There were a lot of scammers and payola gate keepers that had no interest in cultivating a community and just wanted a quick buck. I think that really tested my motivation though, having to face these brick walls every day and it drove me to the internet for collaboration. As soon as I saw an opportunity to leave though, I took it.

How does your Haitian culture influence your creativity?
– Haitians are hard working and resilient, I carry that with me in everything I do. I fully intend to see my career as an artist through because I don’t know how to do anything else anyways. Haitian music is very rhythmic and percussive so embodying that in my writing helps me find attractive flows pretty naturally.

Who are some of the artists on your playlist and in what ways do they influence your music?
Dominic Fike, Phoebe Bridgers, TV Girl, Dayglow, and a ton of indie bands are staples in my playlist. My favorite band is The Killers. I listen to indie and alternative rock often because I think it helps me diversify my songwriting and helped me find my singing voice.

Raw and Vulnerable

ToBy’s music has no boundaries. Touching the souls of listeners everywhere, ToBy uses a fusion of several genres from rap to pop and rock to paint his open-hearted hits. 

“A lot of relationship analysis pops up in my music, I think its because I’m fascinated by the energy of attraction and how it drives people to do what they do. I think certain impactful things need to be said and since the landscape of music is so vast I feel confident in being the person to say them.”


A New Album to Touch L’espirit

“The meaning behind L’esprit was to find one’s spirit. Life is going to have its ups and downs but we were all put on this earth with a purpose whatever it may be and rather than deny yourself the opportunity to pursue that purpose, we should chase it with everything we got and not let anything get in the way of our happiness. I’m working on my follow up record at the moment and hope to see more shows scheduled for the coming months but I intend to stay very busy!”

– ToBy

Check out ToBy’s newest visual for his track from the album titled ‘Are We Ridin’.

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