Introducing OTF’s Doodie Lo

The Kankakee, Illinois native, Doodie Lo is one of OTF’s collective stars. He originally met Lil Durk through mutual friends back in 2013. He started taking music seriously after moving to Atlanta and collaborating with the late King Von. His music is continuing to take off with is newest single, “Playin Wit My Name”.

Don’t Sleep: Tae Marion Is Putting On For St.Louis

Tae’rielle Marion aka “Tae” is a female artist from St. Louis, Missouri who is gaining a growing reputation as a rapper/singer. Tae is focused on creating a new more intriguing sound in hip-hop and R&B. Tae bgean writing music at the age of 10 as well taking part in theatre, select chorus, solo performances and other functions.