Millswaschosen Releases His Debut Album ‘What It’s Worth’

The Inland Empire artist Millswaschosen releases his debut album ‘What It’s Worth’. It comes packed with 11 songs, which are all produced by Myles Martin. On this album, Millswaschosen provides an insight into his life. He proves he is a great storyteller by illustrating; what it’s like to be a girl dad, his love for his fiance, his work ethic, and how hard he works in the industry.

Key Glock Returns With ‘Glockoma 2’ + Visual for “Dirt”

Key Glock is back with another single ahead of his much anticipated ‘Glockoma 2’. “Dirt” is backed by a heartening, vintage soul-sampling instrumental as Glock confirms his ice cold outlook on life. As well as, telling his perspective of the streets and his commitment to getting money. One of the most important rules he learned from Young Dolph.

Seattle’s Kateel Makes A Mark With Second Release Of The Year “Lost”.

The Seattle rapper, songwriter, and producer, Kateel, returns for his second releases of February. His latest single “Lost” follows the release of “Sun Up”. Both singles serve as follow ups to his latest single release of 2022, “Perfection”. Kateel translates the rainy vibes of his hometown into eloquent, engaging, emotional, and entrancing music on “Lost”. The single is also accompanied by a visual.