Joseph Black Becomes an Open Book for New Album, “Untold Stories: Love & Addiction”

Joseph Black Becomes an Open Book for New Album, “Untold Stories: Love & Addiction”

Love and addiction are two of the most vulnerable life experiences for anyone to endure. In a no hold bar debut album, Joseph Black is an open book for his most anticipated work yet… Titled ‘Untold Stories: Love & Addiction,’ the Minnesota prodigy took his life experiences and placed them into 13 powerful hits.

A narrative of evolution… Black presents his story of love, addiction, and everything in between. The raw effort features his now RIAA Gold single “(i hope you) miss me”. Each track symbolize each of Joseph’s hardest times, and the success of the project marks the glowing future set before him. And upon its debut he started releasing a vlog series giving an intimate look into the experiences that triggered his newest deck of hits.

Each song has its own place in my heart. This project is me channeling my mental health and compressing [my experiences] into songs for the world to hear. I’m just hoping it will inspire you to never give up.”

Joseph Black on ‘Untold Stories: Love & Addiction’

When Ugly Times Become Beautiful Tunes

The production throughout the project pairs seamlessly with his heart-stopping melodics and vivid tales. Chilling guitar loops, piano notes, and served as the perfect backdrop for emotion-provoking vocals. Before the release he took to Instagram to pen a heartfelt post about his experience with addiction and celebrating his sobriety. The project is a testimony of survival and its soul-shifting sounds are flooded with soul shifting sounds will resonate for years to come.

Over the last 2-3 years I have experienced being in love, heartbreak, betrayal, drug addiction, recovery, relapse, going viral… Overdosing, multiple detoxes, rehab, a fucking mess to say the least. Today I can say that I made it out of the dark place I was in, almost 5 months clean and continuing to rebuild everyday.”

Joseph Black on ‘Untold Stories: Love & Addiction’

A chaotic upbringing introduced Black to adversity and hard times. But, it was these challenges that became the fuel for his flourishing career. His childhood was soundtracked by Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Country music. Turning into a passion for harmonics and metaphors that would eventually allow him to pave his own lane creatively.

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