Isaac Zale Drops New Album Father of The Zodiac

Isaac Zale Drops New Album Father of The Zodiac

Vancouver Canada’s prodigal son Isaac Zale has returned with another sonic effort. After 2 successful single releases including his hit “Somebody Dies,” he returns with his full project. Titled “Father of the Zodiac” he dives head first into everything that is the world around him.

Cover art for Isaac Zale's "Father Of The Zodiac".

“Father Of The Zodiac” are 12 tracks with the intent of the encouraging listeners to dive into a soundscape that explores a variety of experiences and sounds. Nonetheless, Isaac Zale is becoming the artist who’s lyrics will transport you to a higher place. 

“Father Of The Zodiac” is a concept album that explores the contrast between what’s considered toxic and and what’s considered divine. Throughout this album, the main goal is to eliminate those toxic traits in the hope of evolving into something better. That’s reflected in my own life and journey as an artist too.

– Isaac Zale

He came through with a strong roster of features for this project. With appearances from Kota The Friend, Smokepurpp, UnoTheActivist and several others… He was able to deliver a golden quality record for fans to appreciate. 

 “I’ve spent a long time learning and listening to grow into the best version of myself – both in my personal life and in my art. This is an embodiment of that journey.”

– Isaac Zale

Both artist and engineer/producer, Zale has used his talent to present different vibes across his tracks. This creativity presents his fan base with music to be listened to on repeat. The emerging star gets his name “Zale,” and inspiration for his music from the fluidity of the sea. As the leader of Vancouver artist and creative group Burgundy Soul, he continues to build his name and community around him.

Check out Isaac Zale’s “Father Of The Zodiac” album HERE

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