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Don’t Sleep: Reggie Becton Talks Tour with Grace Weber and More!

Don’t Sleep: Reggie Becton Talks Tour with Grace Weber and More!

Across the world fans are falling in love with Reggie Becton and his famed orange beanie. Paving his own lane in R&B… He presents rich vocals backed by nostalgic instrumentals. Hits like ‘So High’ and ‘Issues’ have quickly made him 2021’s artist to watch. The PG County, Maryland tastemaker has been a devoted independent artist gaining major league attention.

Stepping behind the mic while just a teen, he has now honed a sonic styling that attests to his deep love for R&B. From Pitchfork to a ‘Fresh Picks‘ mention from Billboard… Becton is a talent who creates music that will take listeners into another sonic dimension. He is now taking his album ‘California‘ on tour with Grace Weber. I got the chance to tap in with him before he hit the road.

R&B singer Reggie Becton
Photo: Claire Fagin

The Interview

What are three words that best describe Reggie Becton?

At this exact moment: Excited, Detached, and Focused

How would you say your style has evolved over time and what influenced your evolution?

My style has changed tremendously. As a kid working on music I was really just trying to remake what I heard on the radio or what was trending. Even with my first EP Phases, there was still some of that energy there. doing what I thought people wanted to hear or would like. I think “My Beanie’s Orange” is where I found myself and began my creative stride. I started making the music I enjoyed and that I felt was needed/ missing. Since that project, I have become a lot more transparent and vulnerable. I now write from the most personal place possible… MY HEART.

How has being from both major coasts of the country (California and Maryland) with very different sounds contributed
to your music styling?

I think Maryland contributed to my sound because the sound in the DMV area is so diverse. Being from Maryland and listening to GO-GO, which comes from DC, showed me how to blend genres. Moving to Cali I think just gave me the resources to tap in with individuals who have the ability to bring my vision to life. Additionally, I think my music has become very guitar-driven which definitely can be attributed to the west coast. Everyone has a guitar in LA. 

Heart and Soul

At what point on your journey, would you say, you became the most comfortable or confident with putting such vulnerable emotions into your music?

I would say that happened just last year. During the pandemic, I really took time to learn what I love about myself and what I hated. I confronted a lot of my demons and really began getting comfortable with who I am. During this time we were recording California and anytime there was a lyric that I second-guessed because I felt it was too honest, I forced myself to dig even deeper. I think that is why the album is resonating with so many people who hear it.

What would you say were some of the most important lessons or experiences that played a role in this project?

The things I learned from making this project:

It’s only you vs you- love is layered – forgiveness is not for anyone but you – happiness is a choice – the battle is 90% mental

What is R&B music to you and other than the use of posse cuts, what other nostalgic aspects of the genre do you feel are missing or not as common in today’s R&B?

R&B music is everything to me. It is the soul of the music industry and can be felt in every other genre. R&B may fall out of the trend, but it will never be dead. R&B Birthed Every Genre We Have Today!

I think in R&B we are missing the mamba mentality. We are missing that “I wanna be the very best” spirit that I feel drove artists like Usher, Beyonce, Janet, and etc. to really create work that pushed boundaries and progressed the genre.

Tour with Grace Weber

Now that you’re touring with Grace Weber, what are some of the feelings you have about being able to take the album live, especially following the pandemic?

I am filled with so many emotions. This is something I prayed years for and it’s finally happening with Grace Weber, who I considered a friend. Seeing that I put out the TYFL EP in 2020 and now California is here it’s like I have two kids to share with the world and it’s been tough making sure they both get their shine. I think people will really enjoy the show we have put together. We rehearsed for about two months for this tour. I think some people will be upset that their favorite song didn’t make the set but you only can do so much in 30 minutes lol.

Check out Reggie Becton’s ‘California’ on all platforms now!

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