Juśtin Drops Anticipated New Album Music is Color

Juśtin Drops Anticipated New Album Music is Color

Florida-based artist Juśtin is bringing some soul back to Hip-Hop. He stands out from the masses with his ability to sing in the capacity of a choir and formulate bars that cut like a knife. Juśtin’s journey through music has faced him with some of his biggest blessings and challenges so far. Following the release of his album “Rookie 2 King,” Juśtin began to earn label attention. As his success ensues, Juśtin continues to release tracks representative of his growth.

Music Is Color is a testament to every experience and emotion surrounding his music. 

This album is really a personal project for me. I was at the lowest point in my life while making this. Dealing with family issues as well as suffering from medical issues, this album is the result of me pushing myself past all obstacles.”

– Juśtin

The album kicks off with a classic take on OutKast’s “They Way You Move,” introducing listeners to a wealth of soul and creativity that may otherwise not be missing in mainstream Hip-Hop. It leads into 8 other tracks featuring Juśtin’s confident and witty bars. 4 other artists were also featured on the project. Juśtin’s girlfriend Ramiah, brother, and close friends Dae’Shawn, Zay Sever, and Khamron, added a colorful range of vocals and bars to the albums opening and “Soul Food Freestyle.”

From RnB style tacks like “SouthSide,” to lyrically dense tracks like “Space Jam,” Music is Color is not just a record. It is a lyrical painting of Juśtin’s life experiences up to the moment of the release. On all platforms now, Juśtin created a record that provides more than sharp bars and catchy hooks. He gifted an album of motivation and a testament to the future he holds. 

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