Mia Taylor Let’s Her ManGo In “Mango” Visual

Mia Taylor Let’s Her ManGo In “Mango” Visual

Mia Taylor is an upcoming artist from New York, like a nice rum punch her sound is R&B and Caribbean fusion. Before listening to Mia Taylor’s Mango“, I did not know what to expect. I didn’t know if I was going to hear a song about fruit or about love. It so happens to be about both, not so much abut love but about a toxic situation that once was.

This song brings nothing but island vibes. It definitely makes you want to dance on someone’s island, with some mangoes in the middle of paradise. I love the concept of the song: realizing your self worth and letting the toxic energy go.

The world play on “Mango” is very creative. Taylor describes letting a man go. She goes back and forth describing the situation between her and the guy while also giving a description of a mango, the fruit. I couldn’t help but think of fellow Dancehall artist Shensea, with a pinch of Summer Walker, and Solange. The double entendre is what makes the song for me.  

“Cause you used to be sweet but now your bitter”

“That juicy love like mango, I had to let mango”

“Picked you, boy ya rotten”

Comparing their love to the juicy insides of a mango, she’s tired of sharing her “mango” so she’s deciding to let her man go. She picked him but as time passes she realizes he’s rotten.

“Sweet, sweet, bitter” this line is funny to me because I feel as though she’s saying the situation is bitter sweet but she swapped the words. Her song writing skills are pretty dope and the more you listen to the song, the better it gets and the more you understand and pick up on how she was able to be creative and put the song together.  Its a great song, not being too direct but subliminally announcing it. We are all capable of letting that man go. Swap that rotten man for a juicy mango and you shall be free.

I look forward to hearing more from Mia Taylor, Island Gyal, Island Gyal !

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