Kenny Muney Talks “Big Muney Sh*t” In New Video

If there’s one thing that remains true about Paper Route Empire’s Kenny Muney, is that he’ll always find a way to flex. His bankroll does the talking for him, in his new video “Big Muney Sh*t”. Kenny provides the listeners with a slightly different sound. He swapped out his usual quick flow to a slower pace flow. The bars still remain though, as he seemingly flows over the atmospheric instrumental which pairs airy vox with boomin piano notes and knocking 808’s. “Big Money Sh*t” is best enjoyed with headphones to feel the slow-mo feeling the single provides.

Key Glock Shines As The Director & The Star In New Cinematic”Spike Lee” Video.

Its always a good day when Key Glock drops a new video, especially when he channels his inner “Spike Lee”. In the cinematic visual, Key Glock takes inspiration from He Got Game (1998) and Do The Right Thing (1989), two iconic Spike Lee films. The visual shows Key Glock providing instructions in the directors chair to starring in his own film. He proves he can do it all as he seamlessly floats over a crisp Memphis production. He boasts about the hard-earned, ascendent lifestyle his tireless work ethic affords. Key Glock showcases that he is a man of many talents.