Toosii Drops ‘Boys Don’t Cry: Men Do (Deluxe)’ + New Visual For “City Of Love”

Toosii Drops ‘Boys Don’t Cry: Men Do (Deluxe)’ + New Visual For “City Of Love”

Released via South Coast Music Group/ Capitol Records, ‘Boys Don’t Cry: Men Do (Deluxe)’, is the new edition of Toosii’s acclaimed ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ EP.

The Deluxe version features five new soul-barring tracks. The expanded title emphasises the central theme of the project. Toosii showcases that it’s time to question the deeply ingrained idea that boys and men alike, stifle their emotions in order to be strong.

Raised in Syracuse, New York and Goose Creek, South Carolina, Toosii moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in his teens. It’s there that he came into his own, he even recorded the new material in Cary, North Carolina.

On the new songs, the 22-year-old artist is haunted, yet informed by his past. Numbed by the pain of hard knocks and ill-fated romances. He nonetheless finds the courage to fall head over heels in love, and that love is represented in tracks like “City Of Love”. Toosii’s lyrics have always been personal and heartfelt.

On ‘Boys Don’t Cry: Men Do‘, he reveals his self-discovery after the birth of his son, who can be heard toward the end of “Since 9th Grade”. The song does a great job at telling the story of how Toosii met the love of his life.

He has also begun to reexamine his own life-lessons and approach the world differently. Although, he approached professional and personal milestones, Toosii found himself battling depression.

‘Boys Don’t Cry: Men Do (Deluxe)’ Available Here

The moving piano played on “Last Song” takes the fans inside that dark time. Dealing with his own mental health gave Toosii a new perspective on life.

““I’m just trying to learn to be the best person I can be for the people I love and for myself.

Growing up as a man, we were always taught to be tough, not to have emotions, and that boys don’t cry. But it’s just not true. It’s alright as a man to tap into that emotional side.”


XXL claimed ‘Boys Don’t Cry‘ as one of falls highly anticipated drops. While also claiming “Love Is…” as one of the “Best New Hip-Hop Songs”.

While other media outlets like The Source observed, “Toosii’s ability to show vulnerability in his music is something he’s done since stepping on to the scene”.

Overall, ‘Boys Don’t Cry: Men Do‘ is a true representation of showing vulnerability. Toosii helps to provide awareness for men’s mental health, after his own experience with depression. With that being said, ‘Boys Don’t Cry: Men Do’ is an easy listen. Toosii represents a calm and loving sound with great storytelling.

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