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Smino Makes Us Feel Right At Home With New Album, “Luv 4 Rent” (Review)

Smino Makes Us Feel Right At Home With New Album, “Luv 4 Rent” (Review)

“Knock, knock, knock, loud knocking, good weed knocking at yo door”.

First, the good people of LA were presented with an open-house listening party simulated to be like a real open house for “customers” to fall in love with a home on the market for rent. Then, as a real “entreprenigga”, Smino gave a three-peat classic with “Luv 4 Rent”. It’s been a few weeks since LUV 4 RENT’s release and let’s just say, it’s love at first listen.

By coming in swinging with lead single “90 Proof” with J. Cole, Smino gave a well-rounded album that is filled with poetry, perspective, and pure love.

I have to take a moment to say that I love how Smino always references black hair in all of his album covers. Like Solange, it’s evident Smino has always made sure that black culture is the forefront of his artistic inspiration and expression.

It’s giving twerk anthems (Pro Freak and Matinee), love ballads (Lee & Lovie and Modennaminute) and doing what he does best, talking his shit (Ole Ass Kendrick and Blu Billy). I personally love that there are interpolations of SZA’s Good Days, Frank Ocean’s Blonde, and Childish Gambino’s Because The Internet. There is playback of voicemails and excerpts from Smino’s grandfather, cousin, and hometown friends that just ties in the black home-ly feel. The album itself feels like an album that is meant to be played at black family events only.

Watch the video for 90 Proof below & the visualizer for Lee & Lovie below.

Check out Luv 4 Rent below.

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