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Destin Conrad Demands Your Attention With His Second EP, “SATIN” (Review)

Destin Conrad Demands Your Attention With His Second EP, “SATIN” (Review)

Destin Conrad had a hard act to follow after the release of his debut EP “Colorway” in 2021. In less than ten tracks, the Tampa-born R&B artist not only demonstrated his deep understanding of songwriting and production, but also a fresh approach to the craft.

His new EP, “Satin” – which dropped November 10th – finds him recreating the magic with great success. “On 10”, the first track on the EP, definitely sets the tone – with Conrad leaning into a more house-influenced groove, still reminiscent of the soft and muted soundscape that fans of his enjoy.

This song, a microcosm for the album-at large, feels like a natural evolution for this artist who is still expanding his sonic landscape and delving deeper into more experiential song composition.

With features from Kiana Leḋe, Jean Deaux, and Ambré – who fronts the eponymous interlude midway through the album – Conrad keeps the focus on him, which is an essential and strategic decision on another early career project.

While each contributing voice is masterfully utilized, he ensures that his imprint is felt most as it should. However, with this also being another nine-track release, this album succeeds in one crucially important manner: it leaves me wanting to hear a lot more from the 22-year old artist.

Standout tracks are “On 10“, “Day Party“, “Ambré’s Interlude“, and “Nobody Knows” – but it’s truly the connective tissue of this album that makes the entire project feel like a success and an important next step in Conrad’s career. As R&B as a genre continues to be at the center of discussions around its current legitimacy longevity, Conrad brings a fresh approach. While continuing to commit to its legacy and sensibilities, he continues to craft out a place of his own. If you’re unfamiliar with his music at this point, give him a chance and stream his newest EP, “Satin” at your preferred DSP HERE

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