Stove God Cooks & Superiors “The God That Sat By The Stove” Out Now

Stove God Cooks & Superiors “The God That Sat By The Stove” Out Now

Stove God Cooks x Superior

Stove God Cooks is undeniably one of the top emerging voices in the Rap game. Since his debut on Reasonable Drought, Stove God Cooks’ stock is rising. He has bodied features for artists including, Busta Rhymes, Alchemist, Conway The Machine, 2 Chainz, Benny The Butcher, and frequently Westside Gunn.

Both Stove God Cooks and producer, Superior, collaborate on a two-song EP. With a style that is slowly coming back into popularity, Boom Bap Rap, Stove God Cooks and Superior give us a more grimy and raw sound that stands out from mainstream rap.

“I like more of the grimy shit, more of that hardcore shit and not this mainstream…I like it dirty, grimy, and hardcore to the fullest.”


Stove God Cooks and Superior match each other styles very well with both of them having sounds that compliment each other. Again, the Boom Bap Rap is a sound within the rap genre that is slowly starting to come back into the spotlight and ‘The God That Sat By The Stove’ is a great 2-track EP to help do just that.

Stove God Cooks, he’s got a very unique rap style. He raps how he raps and then with the signing hooks…it’s very special and very unique. I never heard an MC before, like him.”


Before sending over the beats for ‘161’ and ‘Sweet Dreams’, Superior had Stove God Cooks in mind from the jump. His imagination as a producer of how Stove God Cooks would sound on those beats came to fruition on the 2-track EP and it produced two great songs.

“When I made the beats I had Stove God in my mind. I was imagining how he could sound on this beat, and that was very important to me. To have this imagination of how Stove God Cooks could fit on those beats.”


‘The God That Sat By The Stove’, available on all platforms HERE

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