Tai Perkins Talks Being Invited To Kanye’s “Black Future” Brunch, Working at Hot97 + More

Tai Perkins Talks Being Invited To Kanye’s “Black Future” Brunch, Working at Hot97 + More

With it being Women’s History Month, I felt it was only right to shine a light on a woman making noise in her field. Tai Perkins fits that description. Tai Perkins is a Digital Producer, Social Media Specialist, & Entertainment Journalist hailing from Plainfield, New Jersey. The New Jersey native has already landed gigs at esteemed radio stations Hot97 & WBLS1. Recently Tai was invited to Kanye West’s “Black Future Month” Brunch. I got the chance to talk to Tai about her journey, her accomplishments and what’s next for her.

Check out our conversation below.

Tai Perkins was born and raised in Plainfield, New Jersey by both her mother and father alongside her brother and two sisters. Tai was heavily influenced by her mother, sisters and older cousin Khadijah. Like most kids of that era, Tai feel in love with entertainment television, and gossip sites specifically E! news and 106 and Park which sparked her interest in Journalism. Tai took that love of journalism with her throughout her years of college, which got her to where she is today. Like most creatives, Tai had to find the balance of chasing her passions and getting her monetary worth. Tai balanced working a job to keep bills paid and doing what she loves by keeping her eye on the prize.

I think following my dreams kept me focus, I always knew and believed in my heart that whatever it was that I set out to do, I was going to accomplish. I always keep my eye on the prize, no matter what distracts me.

Tai Perkins on Remaining Focused

That focused allowed Tai to land a gig at legendary radio stations Hot 97 and WBLS. After meeting Jennifer Le, Tai was offered the opportunity to interview for the role of digital producer and social media specialist and the rest was history. Working at such highly revered stations is still a shock to Tai. The position has taught her that her tenacity could take her far.

I still have to take a look around in disbelief that I work for such legendary radio stations”. Hard work and tenacity will take you very far.

Tai has had a great experience during her time at the stations. Working with a slew of popular artists, (Bobby Shmurda being her favorite) and connecting with like minded women.

Recently Tai was invited to Kanye West’s “Black Future Brunch”. A Brunch that brought together black power players in media while pushing for Black people to be highlighted more than a month.

I have no clue how I received an invite to Kanye’s Black Future Brunch but I am so grateful that I did. It was honestly one of the best things I’ve experienced, Kanye is so bright and insightful. I’m looking forward to the next one.

Tai Perkins On Black Future Month Brunch Invitation

Tai Perkins is putting in the work to have a legendary career in entertainment journalism. From working at legendary stations such as Hot 97 & WBLS to being invited to Kanye’s Black Future Brunch, Tai is making it happen.

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