Capella Grey & Nija are In Confu-JAWN

Capella Grey & Nija 

Before talking about the song let’s dissect this song title “Confujawn”. It’s obviously a different way to spell ‘confusion”. “Confu – JAWN” . “Confu”, being the first half of the word “confusion” Jawn is Philly slang for any person, place, or thing. Cool idea yet I’m confused because neither artist is from Philly.

Capella Grey, straight out of the Bronx is showing us that the Gyalis is here to stay. Capella Grey sounds like a mixture of Ty Dolla Sign and Pnb Rock. The melodic Hip Hop rapper that can sing a bit. With a splash of Island vibes.

Nija who is straight out of New Jersey is the woman behind some of our favorite songs on the radio for the past 3 years. She has been playing the background and writing for everyone else while working on her solo project. She has finally put herself on the forefront, showcasing that she is also a talented singer as well.

The song is not so toxic, it is about a guy who wants a relationship with a girl but he needs reassurance. The nonchalant and I don’t care act is pretty much played out to him. He needs to know that they are on the same page and there’s no miscommunication. 

Some lines from the song that explains this is

Can’t do that Nonchalant shit”

Nonchalant is to be calm and relaxed, pretty much always on chill mode. This is not a bad thing but in a relationship it feels like you never care about anything. It can also make your partner feel ignored and alone.

“If you want me, let me know if the feeling’s mutual”

This line is reassurance, let me know how you feel so I know we are on the same page.

Want you bad but I can’t do no confusion”

The guy definitely wants this girl but he needs to know for certain.

This song was pretty okay, I truly didn’t know what to expect. The two artists are on the rise and this may have been a good look for them both.

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