Facebook Ad Banning Called Out on Viral Billboard

Facebook Ad Banning Called Out on Viral Billboard

Facebook is sending Kurin Keys through the ringer when it comes to social media advertising. In a time where the black community needs support more than ever… Standing behind filmmakers documenting our story is a must! Apologies, anecdotes and celebratory stories honoring the diversity of black women filled the story line of Keys‘ film “The 100 Dollar Love Letter to Black Women”. Since its’ Amazon Prime release, it has had a hard time receiving the spotlight it deserves. 

Keys Atlanta billboard calling out Facebook CEO for ad banning.

The North Carolina filmmaker claims he is witnessing social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, actively shadow banning his positive messages. Kurin Keys produced a documentary showcasing the cultures freedom, growth, and love. Honoring every shade of black, from mother to CEO… it captures the powerful and resilient essence that is the Black Woman. The film has garnered a 5-star review score and the support of hundreds of fans moved by Keys work. But platforms like Facebook are trying to block the promotion of the film.

Social media will allot people of color to be seen as violent, over-sexualized. and victimized. But they censor thee messages of freedom, growth, and self love”.

– Kurin Keys

The founder and Executive Director of Kurin Media, is channeling his frustration onto a billboard posted in Atlanta. Currently going viral… It is calling out Facebook and its’ CEO Mark Zuckerburg on the passive blocking of his posts.

As an HBCU graduate and member of Omega Psi Phi, Keys accredits his writing and storytelling abilities to his family. Facebook may not want to support Keys work; however, it is up to us to join in the support of a moment for the culture. Check out “The 100 Dollar Lover Letter to Black Women” on Amazon Prime now!

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