12AM Links Up With Jutes on “Ski Mask”

12AM Links Up With Jutes on “Ski Mask”

LA-Based artist (by way of Canada) 12AM, born Matthew Dubois, released a new track titled “Ski Mask” with Canadian R&B singer Jutes. “Ski Mask” follows up his song “come over,” which dropped in July of last year. The slightly psychedelic, trap track showcased 12AM’s ability to craft a catchy hook as well as his and Jutes’ chemistry.

Me and Jutes have been wanting to put out a song for so long together but we had to have the right one.. Once I freestyled the hook for Ski Mask we both knew this was the one.

12AM on latest record

Ski Mask” features a hypnotic, 808-heavy instrumental driven by a whistling synth. It’s not the most unique beat, but it fits the vibe of the song. On the track, 12AM and Jutes sing about someone who has stolen their hearts (“Girl you stole my fucking heart with a ski mask. Put it all inside the bag like I need that”). That person has got them so entranced that they’re willing to do anything for her (“I would do 25 with you real fast”). 12AM and Jutes both spit slick verses and mesh well together vocally. Clocking in at just over two minutes “Ski Mask” is a nice vibe listen it’s on.

Ski Mask is available to stream HERE. Check out the lyric video below

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