Zeus returns Season 2 Of Joseline’s Cabaret And new Series Baddies:ATL

Zeus returns Season 2 Of Joseline’s Cabaret And new Series Baddies:ATL

Zeus Network has generated its popularity amongst the millennial market offering comedy, music, and reality television. Packed into an online and on-demand streaming service viewers have the latest in entertainment and drama at the palm of their hands. Joseline Hernandez paired with Zeus to executively produce season one of her show and is now returning with Season 2 of Joseline’s Cabaret… But if that is not enough, Zeus is adding a new series to the service as well! Baddies: ATL will allow viewers to reminisce on some of the hottest moments on Bad Girls Club, with the original girls themselves.

Joseline’s Cabaret

Joseline Hernandez, is widely known for her spicy presence on Love and HipHop ATL. Season one of Joseline’s Cabaret hit viewers with 7 hour long episodes packed with entrainment. Through her hometown of Miami, the Puerto Rican Princess began her search. But now, she is bringing her dance moves to the land of hustlin… the big ATL! Since the beginning, Joseline’s dream has been to turn dancers, hustlers, and porn stars into a sexy cabaret troupe! Unlike other dance shows, Joseline’s Cabaret brings as much drama and crazy as it does skill.

We are excited to work with Joseline to bring original content, music and entertainment to Zeus. Zeus aims to bring trending and relevant content that shifts the culture. Creators like Joseline are opening new doors for many years to come.

President and CEO, Lemuel Plummer

Baddies: ATL

Natalie Nunn, Tanisha Thomas, Janelle Shanks, Seven Craft, Sarah Oliver, Christina Salgado, Judi Jai and Mehgan James. Remember them? The Bad Girls are reunited and its streaming on Zeus! Therefore mark your, calendars for May 16th… because the original bad girls are back! Executively produced by bad girls, Natalie Nunn and Tanisha Thomas, the show is fiery and unpredictable. Nonetheless the new series will be everything Bad Girls Club plus some… as the baddies reconvene to reminise, party, and hashout old beef.

Viewers fell in love with the original bad girls of reality tv and finally they make their long-awaited return to television.

– President, Jason Tolbert

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