Kiss me More: Did Doja Cat & SZA’s massive hit live up to the hype ? A fan’s perspective

Kiss me More: Did Doja Cat & SZA’s massive hit live up to the hype ? A fan’s perspective

Doja Cat released her newest single “Kiss Me More” feat. SZA. This may be the first single from her new project PLANET HER. Doja Cat has had an amazing year. She has been featured and remixed on plenty of songs since the year began.

Kiss Me More is very playful and resembles Doja’s biggest hit “Say So”. With the songs disco 70s vibe. Doja Cat is very versatile and creative when it comes to music so you can never predict how her next song will sound. The chorus is very teenage-like and cute.

Can you kiss me more? We’re so young, boy, we ain’t got nothin’ to lose, uh-oh. It’s just principle. Baby, hold me ’cause I like the way you groove, uh-oh”.

The song has no real meaning behind it and it feels like they may have just wanted to do something fun. Almost as if they made it for TikTok. Due to its poppy sound, the song will definitely have success there.

SZA & Doja were the perfect pair to do a collaboration and this was the perfect timing. However, it doesn’t work for me.

Although I had no idea of how it would sound or what route they would take with it, I was hoping for a more meaningful and lyrical song similar to “Good Days” or the sexy “Streets”. We got the total opposite.

It’s very hard to understand what exactly this song is about.

“I feel like fucking something’ but we could be corny, fuck it. Sugar, I ain’t no dummy, dummy”

The lyrics are absolutely horrible.

This song is definitely a different sound for SZA, but the song would have been the same with or without her. SZA doesn’t bring anything to the song. Her verse is very short-lived and nothing memorable.

As a fan of both artists, I am very disappointed. The song did not live up to the hype for this to be the first collaboration between the two artists.

The song was also released with a video, which kind of makes you like it a tad bit more. One thing about Doja is that she will give you great visuals. Kiss Me More features a hot male lead and the two showcasing the vibe of “Planet Her”. Very well put together, futuristic, and aesthetically pleasing.

The duo compliments each other well and it seems as though they might have some chemistry based on both of their bubbly personalities. To be quite honest I don’t think we needed this song.

I am still looking forward to what’s next from both Doja Cat and SZA individually.

“Kiss Me More” is certainly not my favorite song. As a fan of the two I was expecting better and was let down. Overall rating 5/10.

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