Meet Kid Flvsh: The Top Graphic Illustrator In NYC

Meet Kid Flvsh: The Top Graphic Illustrator In NYC

Kid Flvsh or Flvsh for short is a 22 year old graphic designer from East Orange, New Jersey based out of NYC. Flvsh got into graphic design and cover art in 2017 and never looked back. Flvsh’s first ever cover art was a major placement. It was a cover art placement for Dave East‘s “Vacation” which made HYPEBEAST the same day.

Kid Flvsh quickly became the top illustrator in the New York City area, collaborating with some of the hottest artist out of New York. Flvsh has created cover art for artist such as Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow, Flipp Dinero, Lil Tjay + more.

It’s super humbling it’s a great feeling to know something I created on my IPAD reaches the masses. Having relationships with these artist are super amazing. 10-12 years ago I would’ve never believed I would work with top artist. It’s challenging because all my work is hand drawn. It took years for this. Although I do make it look easy I go through struggles.

Kid Flvsh on working with the top artist in New York City
“F.N.” Artwork
“One And Only” Artwork
“Hold On” Artwork
“Tip Toe” Artwork

Out of all the dope artwork that Flvsh was able to work on in 2020, his favorite one’s were, Proud Of Me Now, Sleepy for President, and Jump Off.

“Proud Of Me Now” artwork
“Sleepy For President” Artwork
“Jump Off” Artwork

Going Platinum and Gold As An Illustrator

Kid Flvsh is the only illustrator I know who received Platinum and Gold plaques for creating cover art which is part of the reason I reached out for an interview.

At first I never knew cover artist could get a plaque I thought I was overshooting my shot. When I saw Jay Brothers went Gold I asked if cover artist could get a plaque. I did my research on the RIAA website and found out I could get a plaque. It’s a lengthy process, you have to go through the label and they have to send it to you. I’m super grateful and blessed to wake up to it. It’s a different motivation to keep going and fill the house up with more.

Kid Flvsh on receiving Platinum and Gold Plaques

Being an artist + Advice

Aside from being a graphic illustrator, Kid Flvsh is also a recording artist that has an EP in the works.

“I just didn’t want to get boxed into that one category. Didn’t want to umbrella myself under this one thing. I also had a passion for music around the time, I started drawing and began making beats. I took it seriously last year. Getting into the industry working with artist it was only right to have all of these different things under my belt. It’s also fun to do.”

Kid Flvsh’s advice to anyone looking up to him is:

Never give up always stay resilient everything takes time. Be Patient. Patinece is key and confidence. Be open minded to experimenting and know your worth don’t have anyone take advantage of you and have fun! It’s not going to feel worth it if you’re not having fun. You should be free when making art. If you’re not having fun you won’t.”

Kid Flvsh is optimistic 2021 will be a good year. Along with his EP, here’s working on an animated series and has produced a few tracks that can’t be revealed yet.

Be sure to follow Kid Flvsh on Instagram below.

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