Meet CEO Of Black Talk Radio Kristen Ayanah

Meet CEO Of Black Talk Radio Kristen Ayanah

Kristen Ayanah is a Irvington, New Jersey native. She is a entertainment journalist & consultant who has previously worked with media companies such as: Power106FM (Los Angeles #1 Hip-Hop Radio station), AfterBuzzTV, TheJasmineBrand, NJTVNews and more.

Kristen began working in radio her senior year of high school. She was the co-host of radio show, “Island Mix Radio” which focused on Caribbean News & Culture. Being of Jamaican descent, Kristen was easily able to relate thus growing her love for radio.

However it wasn’t until Kristen attended Drew University where the idea came to her to create her own platform. Black Talk Radio.

I began Black Talk Radio through our campus station. I wanted to create a show that highlighted Black culture, news, and entertainment that our people could listen to , learn from and most importantly enjoy.

Kristen Ayanah

Black Talk Radio

Black Talk Radio is a black owned media outlet whose goal is to highlight black culture, black news and black entertainment.  The show airs every Wednesday 8pm EST on Tap N Radio Station. Episodes feature topics and news dealing with the black community, black culture as well as interviews with black artists and entrepreneurs. In addition to on air promotion , BTR also features articles and stories on their website.

“We’re very big on highlighting Black people who are ultimately making changes within our community. Lastly, our target audience is BLACK PEOPLE. This is a platform created by us for us.

Managing School, Journalism & Consultant Work

In 2020, Kristen launched “Kristen Ayanah’s Music Media Consulting” also known as KAMMC for short. KAMMC is a consulting agency assisting artists gain media coverage through providing resources such as Electronic Press Kits, Biographies etc. Kristen’s manages this all by really having a planner and writing everything that needs to get done down. In addition, I’m Kristen is also big on prayer and meditation.

“I have to center myself prior to starting my work day because it truly makes a difference. Balance is key.”

Living In The Moment, The Future For Black Talk Radio + Advice For Next Generation

Kristen has enjoyed major bright spots such as covering the BET Soul Train Awards press conference where she spoke with Reggae artist Skip Marley as well as interviewing dancehall artists Kranium. Those interviews were big moments for Kristen due to Jamaican background. “These were artists my family & I truly have enjoyed so to speak with these artists one on one wasn’t only big for me but for my family.”

Although Kristen has enjoyed such early success, she still faces challenges. Her biggest challenge is never living in the moment of her accomplishments , (something I can definitely relate to).

I’m always feeling like okay, I’ve accomplished this goal so what’s next ? You know? I think this year I’m trying to bask in my success a bit more, especially because I’m so young and just getting started. 

Within the next five years, Kristen sees herself happy in her career , most likely hosting on a major radio station or TV Network, & Black Talk Radio being a syndicated show & reaching a way bigger audience. 

The Advice Kristen would give to young Black children:

“Do the work and not put limitations on yourself. I have accomplished a lot at a young age because I was able to do the work and be consistent. Lastly though I would say to also be patient and remember that whatever is for you won’t ever miss you.”

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