Maverick Music Dominates Various Billboard Gospel Music Charts

Maverick City Music have taken control over the Gospel Charts with their latest project “Maverick City Music Vol. 3: Part 1” peaking at number 6. Prior to tuning in to Maverick City Music I have never known about this group/choir. The first song I listened to was “I Thank God” A collaboration with another group Upper Room. My initial response was WOW. I was quickly overwhelmed and needed to hear more. The guitar riff that played in the beginning. Then the amazing verses, “If he can do it for me he can do it for you” everything was so cheerful, so energetic, and incredible. At the point when the bridge of the melody started they yell “I Am Free” Its almost like they began to jump in joy in a mosh pit kind of way. They are bringing youth to Gospel. This is Modern-Day Gospel. 

    The music satisfies you as well as need to move and chime in. I instantly wanted to learn the song. The incredible vocals from (Chandler Moore) make you want to shout. In the interlude where he starts preaching, it’s almost like he’s rapping and preaching simultaneously. Naomi Raine also sticks out. She carries the spirit with her voice over the lovely piano in “The Story I’ll Tell”. 

   What interested me more than anything else is the energy of everybody in the room. They make church energizing and going to this congregation each Sunday will change your mind. A nonbeliever would chime in also. The layers of vocals and harmonies are staggering. 

   After tuning in to one song by Maverick City Music, it’s practically sure you’ll be tuning in to a few more. I automatically felt good after listening. The energy as well as the words, they are preaching. It doesn’t exhaust you. It’s Gospel music with a pop rush. Exceptionally motivating, I’ve seen nothing like it. I can reveal to you that it certainly follows the convention of gospel music with the duration of the melody being 8 minutes long. The melody reflects the joy  Christians have in getting the news out. A unified diverse group of people having fun, and worshipping god. Maverick City Music have created soul sessions full of energy. 

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