Larry June Adjust To The Game: Album Review

Larry June Adjust To The Game: Album Review

San Fransisco rapper Larry June has built a strong fanbase built on positive lyrics, hustle, dedication, drinking smoothies, smoking good and enjoying life. Although Larry June has been around since 2015, it wasn’t until autumn of 2019 when I stumbled upon the Bay Area artist.

My introduction to Larry June was on his “Out The Trunk” project released in September. The soulful samples, laid back flow and motivational lyrics instantly stood out to me and piqued my interest to check out the rest of his discography.

Upon checking out his music I realized how many tapes he put out in 2019 alone leading up to Out The Trunk. He was getting better each tape and I was now a fan of Larry June. In March of 2020, Larry June released “Adjust To The Game” a 10 song project featuring Chuck Inglish, G Perico, & Chezi.

Below we give a track by track review of Larry June’s first project of 2020 and one of our favorite tapes of the month.


To start off the project you hear some of the soulful samples that fit LJ’s subdued rapping style perfectly. Producer TJ Murphy samples Al Hudson’s classic “Lost Inside Of You“. The track opens with what sounds like your cool uncle kicking game to you at a cookout: “We’re trying to enjoy our best life. Not struggle everyday, not barely make it through”.

Larry approaches the track like a seasoned vet. Using his own life experiences to teach those willing to listen about investing in property, building credit and to ultimately use him as an example that you too can get rich.

“Pops always told me man you gotta break the cycle” / Stay up on your grind young n*gga you can get rich”.


One of our favorites off the tape is track number 2, Til Next Time Love. If you check throughout Larry’s discography you’ll find that a few of his smoothest bops are produced by Cardo. The duo doesn’t disappoint with their latest pairing either, Cardo samples Hostyle’s 90’s G-Funk record “Friday Night” on this track.

“I ain’t trynna hold nobody back I got my own sh*t, bought my mom a Rollie real quick on some grown sh*t, every girl I had in the past was a lesson.”

LJ reflects on past relationships and how he has evolved since, the classic west coast production of the track is what makes it one of our favorites on the tape.


The only track on the project to receive visual treatment (so far) on the project, Organic Dip.


We are only three tracks in, and already two of our favorite tracks have popped up. The Organic theme is used by Larry on almost all of his projects and this tape is no different. Organic Dip, has one of the best beats you’ll hear so far in 2020. Larry shines on groovy production like this, he even shows his appreciation for the beat by telling Sledgren mid track “this beat crazy n*gga”. A phrase that any producer would love to hear.

TRACK 4: EXPENSIVE ROSES (feat. Chuck Inglish)

The first feature of the project comes on song 4, Expensive Roses. LJ recruits Detroit native Chuck Inglish to assist him over smooth K.FISHA production in which he sampled Jean Carn’sMystic Stranger“. Larry’s verse wasn’t all that impressive however he explains why he only prefers one women over multiple (and why the song is named what it is) as well as drinking smoothies.

Chuck Inglish feature was a pleasant surprise for me, I haven’t heard much from him in a long time, but I felt his verse stole the show.


“Talking to my mom about real estate in ATL, passive income when I sleep it’s coming still. Took the bust down Rollie back that’s lil n*gga shit. I gotta make investments cause it can get early quick.”

Larry isn’t the most lyrical rapper, but the game he gives in his music is what makes it an enjoyable listen. This track is filled with relatable metaphors, and to make things better Julian G. Avila’s flip of Roy Ayers classic “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” was really fire. Another one of our favorites off of the project.


We are half way through the project and now we get our second feature from fellow California artist G Perico on “Summer Snow”.

Although LJ is from San Fran and G Perico is from LA which is close to a six hour drive it is good to see two of the better artist out of the Golden State link up. Larry provides a solid verse but I must admit I wasn’t too impressed with G Perico’s verse. Good feature not the right fit. Julian G. Avila did a great job flipping Blue Magic’sSummer Snow“.


Another Organic themed track, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if LJ dropped an entire project named “Organic”. I’ll be honest, at first I didn’t like this song but as I continued to listen this is a banger. The production and flow is different than what you normally expect to hear from June and that’s what I like the most about the track.

“Rule number one keep your eyes on your own paper”


Financial Freedom / literacy is a topic rappers have become more aware of and are starting to push in their music. That’s super important because whether we want to admit it or not, rappers have a huge influence over their audience and most rappers are young black men from the ghetto so pushing that knowledge to their fanbase is super dope.

LJ brags about selling out SOBs and stresses the importance of credit. On the hook, Larry explains that money isn’t everything but it’s still important.

“Money not everything but I kinda need it though, I just want freedom n*gga. Im just trying to live some more”.


Sledgren flipped classic 70’s track “Born To Lose” by Ecstasy, Passion & Pain.

When listening to this project you have to admire the production on the tape. LJ knows what beats are perfect for him and he sticks to that for the most part. Matcha Wit Harry is another example of Larry’s attention to detail.

Linking with the great Harry Fraud, LJ discusses his initial first deal with Warner Bros. and how even though it didn’t work out the way he wanted it to he was able to soak up the game during that experience.

“Just think about it did it all no label, signed to Warner Brothers for a minute but I hated it but soaked up the game, got a lot of Knowledge.”


We are now at the end of the project, and that voice that sounds like your cool uncle kicking game to you that appeared on the first track is back preaching that we not only get things done, but to get the right things done.

A Million Not Enough, is the perfect outro track for a project where LJ pushed financial freedom, building credit and expanding your business ventures to new heights among other topics.

LJ resides in San Fransisco which is one of the most expensive places to live in the country, which is why he opened the track with

“A Million up but still live in San Fransisco so it ain’t enough”.

Most people plot out their first million but once they obtain that they realize that a million isn’t much and they should strive for more. Larry June has come to that realization on the projects final track.

Overall Adjust To The Game is a great listen, Larry June’s great ear for production is shown throughout the project. I love that the trackless is only 10 songs so it doesn’t feel like a drag to listen to the project. Adjust To The Game is LJ’s first project of the year and it’s a good one, check it out below.

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