Stream Detroit’s Zayzayy New Project “Beyond The Naked Eye”

Stream Detroit’s Zayzayy New Project “Beyond The Naked Eye”

Black trauma has been a topic in all facets of multimedia lately portraying heartbreak; hip hop emcee Zayzayy wanted to change the narrative and shine a positive light on African American people overcoming their obstacles to achieve glory by Any Means Necessary with Beyond The Naked Eye.  

The LP is composed of eleven personally curated tracks from the Detroit native which encapsulates him dealing with the daily trauma black people face living their daily lives from his perspective and narrative. 

Similar to the single War Baby by fellow hip-hop emcee Roddy Ricch, every track is meant to let listeners feel the raw emotion of his melodic, dark lyrics powered by powerful trap drum production.  

Zay had a bigger purpose than just music with creating Beyond The Naked Eye.

“A lot of times people go through traumatic events and never heal  because they just cover up thier pain with drugs or other ways such as indulging in buying possessions,” he said during a studio session for the album.  

“This album is meant to give an inside view. The person that don’t show themselves on the exterior.  We post what we what people to view on social media . In reality, we are hurting as a society and we mask it with different avenues.” 


With a great sound and powerful purpose, stream Beyond The Naked Eye below.

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