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Don’t Sleep: Meet Harlem Bred Producer FitZ The Mis Fit

Don’t Sleep: Meet Harlem Bred Producer FitZ The Mis Fit

FitZ the MisFit

FitZ the MisFit is a Harlem bred producer and rapper. He is a member of L.O.T.B (Leaders of the block) and has worked with artist such as Ray J and Atlanta superstar Lil Baby. We got the chance to interview FitZ and learn a little more about him.

Can you tell us who you are and where you from ?
My name is Derrick F Irving Jr, but some people know me as FitZ. My full artist name is FitZ the MisFit. I am a young rapper and producer from Harlem, NYC.

What songs/projects/artists have you produced for ?

I have executively produced my teammate’s, Ty Lo, project titled “Grinding”. I’ve produced for John Polanco (27rings), Mod Da God (N.Y.N), ML LilZ (Karrueche), Von Lo (Sick of you Niggas, Trynna Get a Couple Mill) , Tae Banks (where the Bag at), chef mills (Bag Year, RiRi), paper Pee (Pull Up), Zachkary entire project (Zachk! Forever) and my entire project (L.O.T.B) and songs (Bout it & I Don’t Know)

What got you into producing ?

I started producing because I’ve always had a fascination for the building and composition of music. I wanted to understand all aspects of making music. Not only lyrics make up a song. Also, as a rapper I got tired of searching YouTube looking for beats and hoping to connect with the producers. And since I can’t afford exclusive leases but I still don’t want anyone else with the same beats as myself, I decided I should make them myself. 

What Producers/Sound inspired or continues to inspire you?

Producers of today that inspire me are metro boomin, southside, boi1da, 40, fki 1st and plenty more. Producers who will always inspire me are Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Bangladesh, Dj Paul, juicy j, just blaze, timbaland. I love the energy of trap beats. I originated making boom bap. But currently I’m in the neo soul and I’m in love with the passion and intimacy put into the creative process. Brings out a different vibe. 

Do you have anything that you are working on that’s releasing in the future ?

Yes I have a lot in the works. While in LA, I’ve had Ray J, and little Baby record to some of my Beats. An Artist named Chillee fuego and his crew Bugz Life have a project with some of my beats on it. Working on Chef Mills next project, finishing up Tae Banks next project. Working on ML Lilz next solo project. Working on a collab tape with Ml Lilz. Working on a collab tape with Chris Rob. Working on a Team Tape, “Most Loved vs LOTB” (executively produced by LilzUMadethis and Myself). Zachkary! Is dropping his project entirely procured by me on Friday 1/25. Working on Von Lo debut project. Couple shows on the way. And lastly my second solo project, which will be coming by the end of the year.

If you can cook up with any artist who would it be ?

Honestly, I’d love to get in the studio with young thug. Definitely one of my favorite artist to emerge within the past 10 years. 

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