Don’t Sleep: Get To Know The Mind Behind South Carolina’s Next Big Clothing Brand “6ix-0’s” Devante Williams

Don’t Sleep: Get To Know The Mind Behind South Carolina’s Next Big Clothing Brand “6ix-0’s” Devante Williams

Devante Williams CEO & Founder of 6ix-0

Devante Williams is a name to pay attention to. His brand “6ix-0’s” which represents the six zero’s that equates to a million dollars is taking flight. What Devante has planned for his brand is expansion, dipping his hands into as many fields as possible Devante is on the quest to elevate his 6ix-0’s brand to monumental heights. Check out our conversation below.

For those who don’t know Devante Williams can you tell us about who you are?

My name is Devanté Williams, I’m 23 from Greenville, SC. I grew up in the downtown area, & I’ve always had a vision with art. I’m a down to earth person, with a mentality of getting what’s deserved. The two words legacy & perseverance play a huge role in my life because of the obstacles I’ve been faced with. I’ve never quit and I always see the foresight in what’s to come. My favorite art piece is “Starry nights” by Van Gouh. I enjoy reading, researching history, trying foods, supplements and activities that benefit the body. My favorite book  is Rich dad, poor dad because of the insight it gave from both perspectives of dads trying to do best to make sure the son excels. I have one goal in mind with the empire in creating, is to inspire everyone who I come across to be the best they can be and never let a situation determine your destination. 

What sparked the idea for 6ix-O’s:

The concept of the brand came from the struggle, being a representation of something that has means, achievements, & being a stable foundation for yourself & future generations.

What does 6ix-O’s stand for?

6ix-O’s represents the six zeros in a million dollars.

6ix-0’s T shirts, Sweats & Keychains

There are not many clothing brands based out of South Carolina, who inspired you to get in the fashion industry?

Honestly, my sister. Growing up, I studied how she laced up her white Air Force ones & continually wore & they never got dirty. She wore basketball jerseys & shoes that weren’t even by the same player & made it look cool. I used to even ask to wear a jersey to school so I could try and be as fresh as she made it look. I was always huge on colors and art, & the things I encountered, I gave them a perception of my own with the classic clean image I portrayed from my sister. 

How does 6ix-O’s stand out for other independent clothing lines?

6ix-O’s is a diverse brand made to inspire for better benefit. It can used in multiple ways to describe a certain epitome you’d reach in life. Distinguishing your mind & hustle from others to achieve certain milestones only few can withstand with patience and effort.

Ralo with an 0G 6ix-0’s shirt

What is the ultimate goal for 6ix-O’s?

The ultimate goal is to be advertised worldwide, branching off into agencies, juice bars, motivational speaking, community management, real estate, & a few more things that are undisclosed at the moment.

If you could shout out anyone, who would it be and why?

If I could shout out anyone, I’d start with God, my family, the trials & tribulations that led me to this point in life, the books I’ve read & are reading, my mentors, Nipsey Hussle (RIP), Rick Ross, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey & Diamond Kut LLC for this opportunity. 

Lastly, what does the future hold for Devante Williams & 6ix-O’s?

I’ll leak a sneak peek, they are a few collaborations coming up for the brand, & for myself I’d say it’s limitless opportunities.

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