Harlem Producer 2MTurbo Drops 9 Track Project “24”.

Harlem Producer 2MTurbo Drops 9 Track Project “24”.

ICYMI, last week Harlem producer 2MTurbo released 9 track project 24. The album which is entirely produced 2MTurbo is a compilation tape featuring a few different vibes showcasing the versatility in the New York City music scene.

My personal favorites off of the tape are “Free” featuring Uno One, and “Way 2 Many” featuring MBFgucci.

We were able to catch up with 2MTurbo for a quick Q+A regarding the project which you can check out below.


Q. What was the inspiration behind this project ?

Turbo: I wouldn’t say it’s an inspiration but a focus for this project would be trusting my own ear. These past few months I’ve been really honing in on the aspect of being a complete producer rather than just someone who’s good at making beats. Making the beats is one thing, but finding a cohesive sound within different tracks for however long of a duration, is a challenge in itself that I feel like I’m ready to embrace.

Q. A few different vibes and sounds on this project, was that your intention ?

Turbo: Completely. I wanted to showcase the different individuals I’ve been building with and their sound  while also showing the progression in my own sound I’ve been crafting throughout the years. basically just putting the versatility on full display.

Q. Favorite track off of the project ?

Turbo: As much as I’d like to choose one, I don’t have a favorite. My mind changes after every full listen. as of right now i’ve been stuck on brakes though. 

Q. Describe your producing style ?

Turbo: My production style is very unorthodox. I love sampling but I also love crafting my own melodies. To me it’s all about staying very precise and technical but free flow at the same time. I like to utilize ideas from other genres and put new ones together. my aim has shifted from trying to find my sound over the course of 10+ years into simply just being different. utilizing sounds that already exist and manipulating them into something new.

Q. What are you looking to accomplish with this project ?

Turbo: With this project I’m looking to do two things. Shed light on the great quality of talent that I feel like gets overlooked, from artists to producers down to engineers even. The second thing is to step into the realm of being a legit executive producer while pushing the envelope in actual music production or “beat making”.

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