Doja Cat Needs Attention, (Single Review)

Doja Cat Needs Attention, (Single Review)

Doja Cat’s new single “Attention” showcases a departure from her typical sound. This time, she delves into rapping with a more serious tone. Displaying a level of dedication to her craft that leaves no room for doubt about her ability as a rapper.

The soft hook, “baby if you like it, just reach out and touch it, this one doesn’t bite it,” is followed by thought-provoking verses where she fearlessly expresses herself. In these verses, Doja touches on the idea that some of her followers may not genuinely care about her music.

As a long-time fan of Doja Cat, having enjoyed her Hot Pink Era, Amala era, and Planet Her Era, it’s understandable that the announcement of her previous albums as “Cash Grabs” may have affected me as a fan.

A notable lyric in “Attention” is “Why She think she Nicki M, she think she hot shit, of course you bitches comparing Doja to who’s the hottest.” This line seemingly addresses comparisons and acknowledges the tendency to measure her against other successful artists like Nicki Minaj.

Overall I think the song is pretty good, plus the visual is dope as hell. It reminded me of one of my favorite videos by Beyoncé, Jealous. The street walking in the long coat at night.

I look forward to Doja’s new era. I’m always down for a rebrand. While I am a fan of Doja’s new aesthetic, I truly hope Doja stay’s true to herself and isn’t stuck on trying to prove her skills to the world. I hope she continues to have fun with the music because that’s what we love!

Check out the visual for “Attention” below

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