On The Come Up Movie: Why Female Rap Representation Is Important

On The Come Up Movie: Why Female Rap Representation Is Important

This is not a movie review; this is a piece praising black women on how we are creating new avenues to document our stories. Saana Lathan just dropped her debut film as director with “On The Come Up” and I just have to give the director and cast its flowers for creating such an inspiring film.

Based on author Angie Thomas’ second novel (the first novel was film-adapted The Hate You Give that starring Amandla Stenberg), Lathan shows how struggle doesn’t define us but can be used to inspire us to create greatness.

By recruiting rappers Method Man, Rhapsody, Lil Yatchy, and Lady London, famed comedian Mike Epps, and introducing us to Atlanta’s own Jamila “Mila Bucks” Gray. As a breakout star Bri, Lathan paints a picture of picture of blackness as young, gifted, and determined to make things happen.

While mainly the coming of age to rap star films are typically centered around male figures, it’s completely refreshing to see young black women’s stories get a chance to shine. And with the exponential increase of black female rappers on the rise, it’s time to expose a genre that will be centered around the struggles and triumphs that come with growing up into this musical profession.

Gray does an outstanding job of capturing the hunger and emotional range of Bri’s character and supporting cast really shows the importance of community thru this film. Watch this trailer below and check out On The Come Up in theaters now and on Paramount Plus today!

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