North London’s Yaz Releases Her Third Single “Overgrown”

North London’s Yaz Releases Her Third Single “Overgrown”

North West London’s Yaz’s third single “Overgrown” is out now. On this latest offering, Yay rejoices while telling a toxic partner the reasons why she’s leaving them. 

With a captivating hook, ‘Overgrown’ is nothing short of euphoric. Yaz’s vocals and songwriting is brought to life with silky smooth production by RISC

In her own words, Yaz explains: 

Overgrown is about moving past a situation you thought you’d never be able to forget. When that person you once felt dependent on isn’t in your life anymore, and you can look back on how you’ve grown since, it’s a really empowering feeling.

“Overgrown” is the third track from Yaz and is the follow up of her incredible two singles “Anymore” and her debut “Mr Valentine”.

Yaz’s unique and truthful perspective showcases her duality. Yaz has carved a true niche for herself and has gone on to amass a social media presence of over 750k and 30m total Youtube views.  Stay tuned for much more from this Gen Z star and stream “Overgrown” below.

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