Dominican/ Bronx Native Moreno ITF Latin Drill Single “Berkin” At 572K Views & Counting

Dominican/ Bronx Native Moreno ITF Latin Drill Single “Berkin” At 572K Views & Counting

Moreno ITF proves his ability to bridge worlds and cultures with “Berkin”. The single helps solidify his place as a standout in the Latin Drill scene. The single opens with an ominous sirenic melody. “Berkin” draws in listeners as the Latin inspired production tastefully collides with the booming 808’s. The booming 808’s that are a staple in the New York City drill scene.

“Berkin” is released alongside a an official music video. The visual is directed by highly acclaimed director DNY Lugo. The visual invites listeners to step right into the screen and join the the party. Surrounded by good times, friends, fashion, and music Moreno ITF is truly in his element.

Moreno ITF’s dynamic delivery is explosive and a mile-a-minute, and the accompanying music video…captures why drill is catching on so much- the mix of attitude, confidence, camaraderie, and party”


“Berkin” has taken the world by storm. It has landed on the highly acclaimed NPR’s Alt Latino playlist. As well as Tidal’s Los Traperos, Audiomack’s On The Radar, and Soundcloud’s Duro, La Multitud, and Fuego playlists.

The motiviating, upbeat party anthem details the “gangoso” lifestyle. A term coined by the rapper himself.

“The Gangoso way is having a dope clean car, supporting your family, and winning in life.”

Moreno ITF

With that being said, Moreno ITF is pioneering the Latin Drill movement. He does so by exploring his reality of hustling to survive through a positive lens.

“Berkin” is available now

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