Is Chicago’s Carla G’s “Get a Bag” The New Hot Girl Summer Anthem?

Is Chicago’s Carla G’s “Get a Bag” The New Hot Girl Summer Anthem?

Carla G might have this summer’s anthem on lock with her new release, Get A Bag”. The bass-heavy banger, produced by Jonny Yayo, is the third single from her project Stop Wasting Pussy. The track recently landed a placement on the hit TV series 61st Street which is executive produced by Michael B. Jordan. It’s easy to see why it’s already making waves. Between Carla G’s effortlessly emphatic flow, the bouncy beat, and an infectious hook, the song is the whole package.

Get a Bag is more than just a catchy party jam. It’s a sex-positive anthem encouraging women to be unrelenting in all money-making pursuits and unapologetic in embracing their sensuality and sexuality. Like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” or City Girls’ “Act Up”, “Get a Bag” refuses to cater to the male gaze and rejects sexual double standards.

My inspiration behind get a bag was definitely just wanting an anthem for all the ladies who are all about they coin. I feel like it’s a perfect song for my audience because it’s also a song that you can dance and have fun to”

Carla G

The track, laced with free game and slick bars, will undoubtedly resonate with bag-chasing, money-making women everywhere.

Check out the “Get A Bag” visual below.

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