BBY KODIE Unveils Video for New Track “Children”

BBY KODIE Unveils Video for New Track “Children”

Cover Art for Children by BBY KODIE
Cover Art for “Children” by BBY KODIE

Houston rapper BBY KODIE released the visuals for his Motown Records debut single “Children,” off of his upcoming mixtape.

The video features various references to the works of Italian Renaissance-era painter Caravaggio. In the song, he raps about feeling on top of the industry (“I treat the game like my son, I pick it up when I want“). BBY KODIE emulated some of Caravaggio’s religious works such as Supper at Emmaus, with him playing Jesus. The religious aspect fits the theme of the track (“Ask me if I’m feeling godly, I do“).

The hypnotic instrumental is made up mainly of a crescendoing xylophone loop paired with a tight trap beat. “Children” feels like BBY KODIE’s victory lap after a relatively quiet but still successful 2020.

You can stream “Children” HERE

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