James Worthy Is Engulfed by Love in New Hit Tick Tok

James Worthy Is Engulfed by Love in New Hit Tick Tok

Three times Grammy nominated musician James Worthy gifted fans a two unforgettable bodies of work. On the heels of his single “In The Dark” is his newest soul touching vibe titled “Tick Tok”. Featuring legendary Goodie Mob Crew member Big Gipp… The two complimented each others energy to create the wavy atmosphere transmitted by “Tick Tok”.

A metaphorical confession to another of desire… Airy production and sultry vocals backed by the ticking of a clock flood the track drawing listeners into his world of obsession. This track follows behind the success of “In The Dark” which has now surpassed 2 million streams. Big Gipp dropped in some bars over the track’s lush soundscape. With Worthy’s hypnotizing chorus… He swoons over everything he notices about a person every hour of the day, like clock work.

Botanical gardens flowers at your feet baby. Forever my lady the power of the beast baby.”

– James Worthy on “Tick Tock”

Hailing from Queen’s New, York, the city of dreams native soaked up the thriving Hip-Hop producer, songwriter, and musician that he is today. At the age of 11 Worthy had the chance to meet Michael Jackson. Solidifying his dream for success… The King of Pop gifted him his first co-sign, assuring his destiny in the industry.

Check out James Worthy’s ‘Tick Tock” on all platforms now.

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