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Wallie the Sensei | New Album is an Ode to Bompton

Wallie the Sensei | New Album is an Ode to Bompton

Sensei: an honorific term for a teacher or master of a skill set. Now presenting masterful bars and matching sonic composition is Compton Prodigy Wallie the Sensei, who placed reality and euphony at the forefront of his newest release. Titled ‘Golden Child,’ the 17-track holy grail, to say the least, is powerful and ingenious. Featuring his breakout single ‘Scandalous,’ he presents an evolved composition and flow that sonically redefines the old-school sounds of the West Coast.

Compton Prodigy Wallie The Sensei
Photo: Ifeoluwa Oluyide

Sonic Bread & Butter

The clean production pairs seamlessly with the Wallie’s flow, adding the perfect emphasis to his vulnerable lyrics. Posed at #2 on the album… He pays homage to fellow recording artist 03 Greedo, currently serving a 20 year prison sentence. This labor of love sets the tone for his “hood to the hills” story told through the lyrics. It is with ‘Golden Child’ he is challenging listeners to view and overcome adversity in a different light.

Ni**as playing like they demons, they don’t really mean it, choppa spray like we cleanin, bodies dropping on that cement”

– Wallie The Sensei (’03 Flow’)

A “no skips” gift to the masses

Every track was curated to eulogize the story of a tragic beginning but a triumphant outcome. Also found in this project is his team-up with Detroit icon 42 Dugg for the remix of “Scandalous”. With A1 collaborations and poetic vocals to match… Wallie the Sensei is quickly solidifying his place, specifically among the greats.

This project will have you dancing, due to production and melody, but contemplating your life’s journey at the same time. While many can’t relate to life in Compton, the pain, love, haters, and hustle, prevalent throughout this body of work… Is both relatable and presented in a way that is beyond the current space of mainstream Hip-Hop.

As if the musical presentation wasn’t enough… Wallie the Sensei hit the streets of his home for an live performance of ‘Bompton To Balabasas’. Check out the visual as his melodic vocals float over acoustic piano keys.

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