Shawny Binladen “Wickipedia” Project Is Here

Shawny Binladen “Wickipedia” Project Is Here

Shawny Binladen is currently NYC’s “sample god”. The Queens rapper is known for his flow and his patented “sample drill” (which I’m dubbing it). Shawny has quickly became one of the most popular artist in NYC while still not hitting the mainstream.

Shawny has been putting in work for a minute but he quickly rose to fame with the release of “Merry Wickmas” which featured bangers like “Wockhardt” featuring Brooklyn artist Bizzy Banks.

Following all the success he received from his last project, Shanwy his back with his first project of ’21 “Wickipedia”.

The project is packed with some insane production, and Shawny executes on them flawlessly.

You can stream “Wikipedia” below.

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