Mia Davinchy Is Determined To Be A Winner At Life

Mia Davinchy Is Determined To Be A Winner At Life

It seems like the artists in Mississippi are full of heavy hitters. One heavy hitter in particular hailing from Canton, MS. is Mia Davinchy who is making major noise in the Sip. Currently residing in Central,Ms, Mia considers herself to be a winner and she does just that. Growing up listening to gospel music because of her mother. R&B and hip hop played a huge part into molding her artistry.

Mia started singing in the choir at school and church. She has always had the vocal ability to land her many solos and musical opportunities when she was in school. Influenced by Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Rihanna, and many others can been seen in her sense of fashion and style of music. She recorded her first song at the age of 12, however her friend suggested that she should start rapping after he heard her verse.

Being from a small city, Mia always felt nervous when it came to performing in front of a crowd only because she was unsure if people would truly like her music. Yet, that never stopped her from setting the stage on fire after she drops the mic. The music scene is her city is very underrated. Some of the best writers from Mississippi have written for some of your favorite artist of our time.

Mia’s creative process when it comes to working on new music consist of going through different beats until she finds one that fits her energy for the day. Once she figures out the flow after mumbling a reference over the beat, the words is the easiest part for her. Even if she makes a reference about a track at home when she goes back to the studio she already has an idea for the song and continues to add more lyrics to it. Working with well-known engineer like Tdizzle, they have created a work connection where Mia can let her creative ideas flow without him taking control of her session.

“He treats it like work, his actual job. We learn from each other and he allows me to play around with certain tools to figure out what I like or dislike. He also lets me know when I need to go harder. I appreciate that. One of her closest friends, BigJayyOfficial, produced the song “Rich” on my EP. I’ve worked with Pepp and more recently BluetheEngineer. Both were professional and gave me a quality sound.”

The female music scene in Mississippi does not receive the same feedback as the male artists. People are always comparing and putting them against each other. It’s unfair because each of them have their own unique sounds. Mia supports those who are serious about the art of music and not the ones who are clout chasers. She has linked up with several female artists in Mississippi to create dope visuals and music.

“I personally listen to DjangoBxtch, AyoAri, Krystal K, Knarley Jai, StarQueenKong, Tattithebody, and other dope female artists. I wish I could name them all, but the list would be super long.”

As far as working with other artist in her city, it comes easy to her. Once she knows the vibe is genuine then the song is the east part. She has plenty of friends who are artists as well and the craft is respected. Whoever she collaborates with the connection and the timing is very important. If the opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Check out Mia Davinichy’s recent project “Missing in Action” below and stream the rest of her music on all platforms.


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