DJangoBxtch Is About To Unchain The Music Industry

DJangoBxtch Is About To Unchain The Music Industry

DjangoBxtch is an upcoming female artist from West Jackson, Ms. Her name was inspired by the movie Django Unchained. She felt a comparison between the character and herself because he had a goal to get what he wanted. If you can recall from the movie his goal was his wife and in Django’s case it’s her music career. The many obstacles she went through without letting anything stop her is how she feels with her music.

She was in an all female group at a young age named Geek Squad and it was just the start of her career. Inspired by her older brothers growing up she would watch them rap and create music. Her mother kept a notebook with her favorite lyrics written down and she would read them to DJango every night like a bed time story.

Django can recall recording her song in the 7th grade inside of a local Jackson artist closet, @k_dadon_imcertified on Instagram. When she heard her voice for the first time she could not believe it was her. She was overwhelmed with excitement and almost cried. She has worked with several producers and engineers over the course of her career. However she can be seen working with @pabloescoiii, @bluetheengineer, @therealpepp_504, and @its.shanee just to name a few.

Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.

Winston Churchill

Although Django’s music is considered to be the sounds of wavy R&B, she mostly can be heard spitting some of the most mind-blowing lyrics I’ve ever heard from a female in Mississippi. The way she demands attention as she performs shows that she’s a force to be reckoned with in this industry.

Music comes naturally to her as she describes her writing process. She writes pretty fast so it doesn’t take long for her to create her next hit. Whenever she has writer’s block the bathroom is her safe place for her to think. Django takes her time when it comes to putting out quality music and the support she receives from her fans allows her to express her more through her work.

How long should you try? Until.

Jim Rohn

As a female artist in general you have to look a certain way and have a certain demeanor about yourself. A lot of people in the industry troll female artists thinking they are obligated to talk about “female things” in their songs. However Django is an all around artist, who can deliver on any song ten times harder than the males. So it has never been difficult for her to work with other artists in her state. If you have the deliverance, the word play, and the flow you can best believe Django will match it.

DjangoBxtch will be releasing an Ep soon, in the meantime, check out her recent single “The Django” below and stream the rest of her music on all platforms.


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