James Virgodo Inspires His Fans To Be A GodLevelGenius

James Virgodo Inspires His Fans To Be A GodLevelGenius

James Virgodo is an upcoming artist from Clinton, Mississippi who’s priding himself off lyrism and his passion for music. His music serves has a testimony and inspiration for not only his listeners, but himself as well. Virgodo is the curator behind his brand GodLevelGenius, which inspires people to believe in their genius level talent.

So who is James Virgodo and how did he come up the concept of GodLevelGenius? The inspiration behind his music tells it all. His journey through life as he is connecting the dots of his identity and his purpose to serve. Virgodo’s influences goes deeper with a multitude of artist, but he’s mostly influenced by Jay-Z. He has always wanted to be one of the greatest rappers along with a label coinciding that the culture uplifts.

At the age of 11, Virgodo recorded his first song with a friend at the Metro Center Mall. Although he freestyled his verse, the beat selected for them was based off his friend’s energy. Ever since then he has been in the studio creating amazing music for his listeners. His hard work and dedication has landed him several opportunities to showcase his talent at events such as Jackson Indie Music Week.

The Genius Is In You

James Virgodo

Back in December 2019, Virgodo dropped a two song Ep entitled “Virgodo Ep.” Singles like “Keep Moving“, which stood out the most and was a featured track on a short film called “Fade To Black.” Earlier this year, he has been consistently dropping singles every month from: “Black Babylon”, “Empathy”, “Coward”, and his latest release “GWQ“. His single “GWQ” which stands for God, War, and Questions, has decoded some of the repetitive themes people deal with and the controversy surrounding them.

Check out James Virgodo recent single to “GWQ” and stream the rest of his music on all platforms.


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