Top 10 Mixtapes Of 2010: The Greatest Year For Mixtapes

Top 10 Mixtapes Of 2010: The Greatest Year For Mixtapes

The older I get, the more the mantra “time flies” starts to make more sense. Just a decade ago I was a young 14 year old boy starting my freshman year of high school searching the web for the latest tunes. Luckily 2010 was filled with gems, artist from all regions delivered projects that blog searching fans like myself consider some of the best in their discography’s.

Hip-Hop blogs were buzzing in 2010, fresh off a monster year for mixtapes in 2009 fans were constantly checking sites like Datpiff daily looking for the latest mixtape. Now that I’m writing this piece and reflecting on 2010, that year of music and blogs that gave fans access to them definitely had an influence on The Kool KORNER blog and ultimately made me truly fall in love with Hip-Hop Music.

The projects on this list all aged well, and to be fair some can even be considered classic. With most of the mixtapes on this list 10 year anniversary approaching or either passed already, we think it is appropriate for us to list our 10 favorite Mixtapes of 2010, the year we consider to be the G.O.A.T year for mixtapes. Check out our list below.

No List is truly complete without an honorable mention list, these are the projects which we loved but just didn’t crack our top 10. Nonetheless, these are still some of the better mixtapes to be released in 2010.

(No Particular order)

Lil BEverything Based

T.I.F*ck A Mixtape

DJ Drama & Camron & VadoBoss of All Bosses 2.5

Chris BrownIn My Zone

TygaWell Done

French MontanaMac & Cheese 2

Meek Mill – Mr. Philadelphia

Earl SweatshirtEarl



Favorite Songs: Hometown Hero, Glasshouse

By 2010, Big K.R.I.T had already released five mixtapes but I knew nothing about the lyricist from Mississippi who was producing half of the beats he was spazzing on, that was until the release of his sixth mixtape “K.R.I.T Wuz Here”.

Although I was late to the party, I quickly became a fan of K.R.I.T’s story telling and ear for amazing samples. K.R.I.T may not be getting the props he deserves today but at this time he was easily considered one of the top up-coming rappers. Listen to K.R.I.T Wuz Here, here.

9. Tyler The Creator – Bastard

Favorite Songs: Assmilk, VCR Wheels

Tyler The Creator recently took home a Grammy for “IGOR” however, just 10 years ago the California rapper released his debut mixtape “Bastard”. Like K.R.I.T who is listed before him, Tyler has been doubling down as a producer and rapper since he came onto the scene. The project is entirely self produced by Tyler.

Bastard was such a unique project especially for it’s time. It was a mix of horrorcorerap and mischievous skate rap that we had never heard before, however Tyler’s content and lyrical ability forced people to pay attention to him, and allowed the OFWGKTA brand to grow. Listen to Bastard here .

8. Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon

Favorite Songs: Keyz 2 The City, Blue Laces, 7 Days A Week, A Million

R.I.P Nipsey Hussle! Back in 2010, Nipsey released “The Marathon”. The Marathon became more than the start of a series of mixtapes, it became a brand and a philosophy that motives people daily to never give up on their dreams.

The same motivational artist who pushed for financial freedom and ownership while still letting you know he’s repping his set that we hear on Nipsey’s newer music was present on this project. This tape gave birth to “Blue Laces” & “Keyz 2 The City” which Nip made part two’s of on his debut album “Victory Lap”.

Ironically K.R.IT also had a hand in production on this tape. Listen to The Marathon here.

7. Fabolous – There Is No COMPETITION 2: The Funeral Service Hosted By Dj Drama

Favorite Songs: Suicide 2, Roger That, Love Come Down, Mr. R.I.P, Body Bag, Beamer Benz or Bentley, For The Money

Although I would point to any tape out of Fab’s “Soul Tape” series as his best body of work, one of my favorite Fabolous projects is “There Is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service”. Fab flexed his lyrical muscle and flashed his witty bars throughout the entire project.

While the “Soul Tape” series and even the “Summertime Shootout” series have a larger following. There is just something special about this mixtape. Listen to There Is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service here.

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