KAYTRAMINÉ Is The 2023 Summer Album… (Review)

KAYTRAMINÉ Is The 2023 Summer Album… (Review)

I appreciate music artists that know the importance of making music for the season. As we see time and time again the bangers that drop for the summer have to push a whole different energy than the one that we’ve been getting the rest of year.

Back in 2018, Childish Gambino dropped the 2-pack “Feels Like Summer” & “Summertime Magic”. Time to find your local beach, a wine cooler, some bad b*tches, and an aux cord.

So you turn up to the new collab tape from Portland’s Amine and Toronto’s KAYTRANADA.

K sent me free beats back in 2015, now it’s 2023 and we got racks in our jeans” It’s wonderful to see the fruition of two artists that have long admired each other’s sound and then were able to create their own sound together. Amine’s bravado flows effortlessly KAYTRANADA’s bass-filled beats. Freddie Gibbs, Pharrell Williams, Amaree, Jazz Cartier and Big Sean were invited to be the album’s features.

“UGH UGH” is my personal favorite from the project. “EYE” sounds like a perfect channeling of that Pharrell-Snoop Dogg summer record energy. “STFU3” & “Westside” are perfect for blasting in the whip while in the streets on those impending summer nights. “K&A” gives an early 2000’s Fabolous-Jadakiss vibe.

KAYTRAMINE is giving all albums a run for their money this summer with it’s collection of hits. Watch the music video for 4EVA featuring Pharrell Williams below and check out KAYTRAMINE out on all major streaming platforms now!

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