“06 Gucci” Isn’t The Return To Form As Promised, But It Represents Something More Significant.

No matter how you feel about his more recent output of music, the fact remains: Gucci Mane has long cemented his status as an Atlanta legend. His well-known approach to fan engagement, seen mostly through his frequent releases, has elevated him to a nearly mythical status – particularly when even his tenure within the carceral system had no impact on his status within a still-evolving genre such as trap music.

Which is why many were excited for his latest release, “06 Gucci”, ( feat Da Baby & 21 Savage) with a title intentionally evoking an outstanding era for the artist that we long thought we’ll never experience again. Unfortunately, the title is a bit of a misnomer.

Featuring artists 21 Savage and DaBaby, “06 Gucci” mostly misses the mark, yet it still highlights the enduring respect and admiration that this generation’s crop of hip-hop artists have for Mr. Zone 6.

Most critically, it causes one to imagine what the trap landscape would look like without Gucci Mane – arguably one of the originators of the genre itself.

This song does very little to move the needle about Gucci’s more recent relevance and status within the industry. However, when contextualized within the larger canon of Atlanta’s status as the originator of trap and all sounds that followed, this song highlights not only how much things have changed – but how much things remain the same.

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