Artist Of The Month: Flatbush’s Own DJ | Creative Director Sounds Of Reality

Artist Of The Month: Flatbush’s Own DJ | Creative Director Sounds Of Reality

DJ’s are some of the most iconic forces in all of Hip-Hop’s history. Historically DJ’s have always laid the foundation and have been A&R’s for many artists. Nowadays DJ’s are just as impactful yet in different ways. DJ’s have grown to being able to display their talent to the masses in a multitude of ways. Whether it be on radio, hosting projects or joining artists on tour DJ’s still play a vital role in Hip-Hop culture.

It’s fitting that with it being women’s history month, that our Artist Of The Month for March, is none other than Brooklyn’s Sound of Reality.

Sounds Of Reality in her own words is a “young black girl  born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn”.

Although born in Brooklyn, Sounds Of Reality’s family hails from Panama.

Born Skylar Reality, Sounds Of Reality felt she was set up for success early by her mother.

I think my mom seen my future by naming me Reality. It was pretty simple for me to figure out a stage name. 

Sounds Of Reality feel in love with music as early on as the age of 7 when she began playing instruments which she did all the way throughout High school. She eventually got introduced/ fell in love with DJing during her college years where she fell in love with it.

I began djing in college. One of my friends on campus was a dj and he taught me the basics. Once I learned the fundamentals, I fell in love with the entire craft.

After putting in work to perfect her craft, Sounds Of Reality got the opportunity to DJ for Lola Brooke.

I was introduced to Lola back in 2019. She was looking for an official dj and out of the options they gave her, she chose me. 

So far the experience has been “surreal” for Sounds Of Reality. Not only has she got to have a once in the lifetime experiences but she’s been able to watch one of the biggest artist out of her backyard blow up.

“I’m still lost for words how everything’s going. All I can really say is dreams do come true. For her and I. I’m happy to see her (Lola Brooke) finally get the recognition and spotlight she’s worked so hard for. But I’m also happy that I really get to DJ for one of NYC’s hottest artists right now. I’ve never would’ve imagined this.”

Sounds Of Reality also had the chance to DJ at Red Bull Culture Clash, which is one of her most favorite DJ moments.

“I got to learn team work as a DJ. I represented Half Moon, and I genuinely cared about making them proud. I’m super grateful they put their trust in me, so I made sure to give them my absolute best.

All great opportunities comes with a few challenges. For Sounds Of Reality it’s “respect”. The music industry is a male dominated lane, where sometimes women don’t always get the respect they deserve.

In a male dominated lane, receiving respect and recognition can still be pretty difficult. I’ve learned to maintain my thick skin to get me through what comes with the game. With all of the difficulties, I’m super proud of the goals I’ve accomplished.   

Sounds Of Reality is still on the come up in her own right, but left a few words of advice for people who are also on

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