Texas Artist, Spike Chester, Releases His album ‘Retrograde Theory’

Texas Artist, Spike Chester, Releases His album ‘Retrograde Theory’

Coming off of a run of singles, Spike Chester, releases his album ‘Retrograde Theory’. The project consist of eight easy-to-listen to songs that instantly catch the listeners attention. The album is a cohesive project that uses a unique variety of sounds, beats, and instrumentals. The project is available via the Dallas Independent label Hawco House Records.

As mentioned before, ‘Retrograde Theory’ is a unique sounding project. Similar to artist like Smino and Bas and any Dreamville project the sound is transparent to the listener. The album does a great job of allowing the listener to feel every emotion through both lyrics and instrumentals.

Additionally, Chester proves his storytelling skills and ability to create soothing hooks on songs like “run n hide (feat. Clancy)”.

Other great songs include; “Smile”, “Hollywood”, and “All I need (Feat. Big Rube, & Hrtbrkjnz).

Although the project is cohesive, it doesn’t all sound like on long song. Each songs is unique to itself. With that being said, Spike Chester is a true artist that seems to put a lot of time and effort into his craft, and ‘Retrograde Theory’ is a prime example of that. Be on the look out of Spike Chester, he has the ability to be a multi-genre artist.

‘Retrograde Theory’ Available Here

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