Artist Of The Month: Journalist/ Publicist Mike DeBlasio. The Ultimate Team Player

Mike DeBlasio is a Hip-Hop journalist and publicist hailing from Queens, New York. Aside from being a journalist and publicist, Mike is a true team player that helps artists by filling in any role on their team.

I just want to be known as someone who gets s*** done [haha]!

It all started back in 2014 for Mike. That year Mike created his own blog, which stemmed for his love for the Hip-Hop industry. By 2016 Mike linked up with ITSBIZKIT (The biggest blogger in the world), who would begin to mentor Mike and teach him everything.

From blogging to PR, to just how to maneuver in the game. He opened many doors and [provided] pivotal opportunities for me and still does to this day. There’s a reason they call him ‘The Biggest Blogger In The World’… haha.

Mike has had plenty of great moments during his career so far, however his favorite moments are being able to watch the artist(s) work and then seeing a final product come to fruition. 

I’ll never take that privilege for granted. Whether it’s getting invited to a studio session, or on-set of a music video, or helping backstage for a live show. I’m blessed to be a part of their process.

Like myself Mike was a huge fan of the late great Nipsey Hussle. Aside from delivering some great music, Nip always dropped off gems on how to navigate as an entrepreneur. Which inspired Mike’s #MarathonMondays . Mike lists Nip as one of his main influences when it comes to conducting business.

Mike uses some of those wise words left behind by Nipsey when he’s focusing on his own brand. Deblazeo PR. Deblazeo PR is a public relations business / LLC which Mike created in August of 2020. Mike’s goal is for the brand to be as successful as it can possibly be. Mike is doing a great job of that by recently hiring his first Intern.

With all the success that Mike is facing early in his career I felt it was only right for the young entrepreneur to leave some gems off for the readers. Mike’s words of advice:

LLC! Establish your LLC! It’s beneficial in so many ways. And then I’ll refer to Nip Hussle The Great. “It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint!” Stay your course, work everyday towards progression. Idle time is your worst enemy. There’s no time-table to anyone’s success just keep working!

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