Dallas Artist Delishia J EP, “Monday Morning” (Review)

Dallas Artist Delishia J EP, “Monday Morning” (Review)

Up-and-coming Dallas artist Delishia J is a force to be reckoned with. Throughout Monday Morning, her smooth, sultry vocals mixed with her perfectly riding each melodic beat aids her in expressing her love, affection, and the fact that it, “Feels So Good”.

Delishia is not afraid to show her vulnerable side. “Finally let my guard down, never knew I’d let it all out. Getting to know the real me, pray your love is guaranteed,” she sings on “Fell”.

This EP takes the listener on a ride through the highs and lows of love. All nine tracks are Delishia reflecting on how love feels and how powerful it is.

“Put You On,” the single from Monday Morning, was released on January 27th. In this song, Delishia professes her love for her person. “I’m not afraid put you on. We can free ride ’til the morn’. Pickin’ and choosin’ nobody else, love what is yours. Baby that’s written in the stars, I like it…” Delishia is a loyal, passionate lover, and her music expresses this wholeheartedly.

In an interview, Delisha elaborated more on the meaning of Monday Morning.

“Imagine it’s Monday and you’re coming off of a long romantic weekend and you’re reflecting on love and all its sensual moments. On Mondays I sit in meetings and I daze off a bit thinking about the small moments. So these are a compilation of my thoughts.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this EP. Delishia showed how versatile and talented she is, both vocally and in songwriting. This definitely won’t be the last we hear from her.

“Monday Morning” is out now and your can stream at your preferred DSP here or via Spotify below.

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